A Common Sense Sign By-Law For Richmond Hill


Richmond Hill is the ONLY GTA municipality that does not allow open house signs. Home sellers in Richmond Hill are at a competitive disadvantage.
why do we need signs?

signs increase interest in homes

home buyers

find open houses and open house signs helpful when they are house hunting.

home sellers

want their REALTOR® to use open house signs as part of a marketing strategy.

richmond hill

is the ONLY GTA municipality that does not allow open house signs.

we support

legitimate use of signs

Many people drive through neighbourhoods that they are considering moving to when they are looking for a new home. Open house signs help to bring these people to a home for sale, thereby helping the homeowners realize the full market potential of their home.

Richmond Hill is quite unique, within the GTA, in prohibiting open house signs.

Because of this, the current Richmond Hill sign by-law puts constituents at a competitive disadvantage with home sellers in neighbouring municipalities like Vaughan and Markham, where open house signs can be used.

It’s time for Richmond Hill to adopt a reasonable sign by-law. 


will improve enforcement

We strongly believe that reasonable rules should be in place to ensure the legitimate use of these signs.  Open house signs can be allowed with reasonable limits that could help improve enforcement.  

 The single most effective action that Richmond Hill Council can, and should, take, is to require open house signs to display the date, time, and address of the open house that it is promoting.

This would help to ensure that the sign is being used to promote a legitimate open house, and not for ulterior motives. It would allow both enforcement staff and the public to instantly determine if the sign is advertising a current open house or not.

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frequently asked questions

Yes. Even in this day and age with many methods of communication available, open house signs are still a valuable part of marketing strategies to help home sellers get top dollar for their home. Home sellers expect their Realtor to use these signs, and they help home buyers, especially in the initial stages of their house hunting.

Municipal sign by-laws throughout the Greater Toronto Area allow open house signs to be placed on public property, with varying degrees of conditions, such as stipulating set backs from roads, requiring certain information on signs, and limiting the days and times that they can be used. Richmond Hill is the only municipality that does not allow these signs on public property at all.

TREB strongly believes that compliance with municipal sign by-laws should be a priority. TREB has worked with Richmond Hill by-law staff to help communicate by-law requirements to Realtors. TREB has also worked with other municipalities in the same way. Furthermore, TREB has a disciplinary process in place to address situations in which complaints are received about TREB Members who may be violating municipal sign by-laws.

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